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How to Sell A Premium Domain Name With GoDaddy Auctions

[emaillocker id=”875″] [/emaillocker] I wouldn’t recommend GoDaddy for their web hosting services and they aren’t really a worthy domain registrar in my opinion, so what are they good for? Nascar? Possibly, though one thing they do have is high traffic in the area of domain sales, especially for their premium listings. To use GoDaddy’s premium […]

How To Use FileZilla FTP Client

Each and every web hosting provider has a section of their c-panel designated to FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, where you can upload files from your desktop to your web host’s server and apply changes to your website instantaneously while it’s live on the web. Files may include an entire static website, a WordPress theme, […]

How to make a WordPress Child Theme

At some point, in the initial stages of getting to know how WordPress operates, most everyone must ponder how to create their very own theme to accomodate a website or blog.  Instead of learning how to write the complicated code that goes into the making of a theme, we can create our own customized WordPress […]