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How To Upload A Website To The Internet With FileZilla FTP

In order to upload your HTML website to the internet using the FileZilla FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program you’ll need three key things from your web host: 1. The IP Address for your web host. 2. Your hosting plan User Name. 3. Your hosting plan Password. In the video above I’ll show you how to […]

Basic HTML/CSS Website Layout For Beginners

In this video tutorial we’ll go back to the basics of HTML and CSS to create a simple layout. Our website will include a header area with a logo, a banner section with pictures and text, a vertical navigation on the left side of the screen and a body section with a title and text […]

Create a responsive website from scratch with html5, jquery image slider, css3 drop down menu

In recent tutorials we created responsive websites with HTML5 and CSS3 using just a text editor (“Notepad ++” and/or “Text Wrangler”) yet we didn’t include any flashy elements such as an image slider or responsive drop down navigation. In this instructional tutorial, with the accompanying YouTube video, we’ll make a responsive website with an image […]

How To Make A Responsive Website With HTML5 and CSS3

In the video attached to this blog post you’ll learn how to make a simple responsive website with HTML5 and CSS3. For this template, we will have seven different sections running down the page as follows. When laying out the HTML for a responsive website, it’s important to plan out which aspects you’d like to […]

Responsive HTML5 Navigation with Drop Down Bars

In this video tutorial we’ll make a fully responsive HTML5 navigation! Our navigation will flex from a horizontal layout to one with vertical bars to give users an easy way to select pages of the website once it’s sized down to a smart phone or tablet. This CSS drop down menu is a starter template […]

HTML5 Responsive Sticky Navigation Menu

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at how to create a responsive sticky navigation menu with HTML5! Most any web designer will tell you that a website’s navigation is one of the most critical aspects of any website and in our pursuit of making websites as user-friendly as possible, ‘sticky navigation’s’ have become more […]

How To Use The Duplicator WordPress Plugin With MAMP

So you’ve created an awesome looking WordPress website on the server with your hosting account and your wondering how the heck you can backup and restore your website on a different domain name or on your computer itself. The problem with backing up WordPress websites or moving them to a different location is that they […]

Introduction to HTML and CSS With A Two Column Website

One mistake made by newbies like myself in HTML and CSS is to run down a list to learn specific HTML tags and CSS rules in the beginning rather than attempting to create a workable project where all of the pieces come together. My most valued learning experiences when I started on introduction courses to […]